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New Year Resolution: Start your renovation plans now!

September 03 2021 By crftwrgt

It is a fact that every year people make resolutions to change their lives or aim to better themselves. You usually aim to make your habits better; but, how regularly do you sit down and make home renovation goals? Perhaps you have a fantasy to redesign the entire home. However, you either never had the…

Common Myths About House Remodelling

August 03 2021 By crftwrgt

Common Myths about house Remodelling A home makeeover does not involve only the process where one deals with every day. Also, they shouldn’t be as theey are to be redone once and enjoyed forever. house remodelling implies a big decision. it shouldn’t be influenced by some recent trends, myths, or marketing companies that exaggerate information…

5 Common Mistakes in Kitchen Remodels

July 07 2021 By crftwrgt

5 Common Mistakes in Kitchen Remodels Everyone, including neighbours, friends and even perfect strangers love narrating stories about their kitchen remodelling experiences. Remodelling a kitchen isn’t only about fancy countertops and beautiful lights. It’s a lot more than that. If you aren’t satisfied with what you have got after remodelling, then it doesn’t serve its…

Will a Bathroom Renovation Add Value to Your Home?

May 04 2021 By crftwrgt

Will a Bathroom Renovation Add Value to Your Home? According to the 2019 Remodeling Impact Report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), a bathroom renovation is the most popular category among all types of home improvements. Data from Remodeling magazine’s cost vs. value report also stated that the returns on upscale and midrange bathroom…

10 Ways Crafwright will make a Small Bathroom feel larger & more spacious!

May 04 2021 By crftwrgt

Do you know that you can recreate your small bathroom to appear larger and spacious? Yes, you can. Without shifting a single wall, you can generate the illusion of a bigger washroom with some changes or revamps. And for this, Crafwright is right here to help you. Let’s check out the ten ways Crafwright will…

Building Your Future: Sustainable and Smart Building Practices in 2021

March 09 2021 By crftwrgt

Sustainability is becoming more relevant around the world over the past several decades. The way buildings are designed, developed, and managed is evolving in the new world of technology and innovation. It’s interesting to see how smart building systems can decrease energy usage, boost energy savings, and make buildings more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Building…

Renovation Staycation? Staying At Home or Move Out During Renovation: The 5 Pros and Cons

March 09 2021 By crftwrgt

It can be a daunting task to renovate a home but in the end, it’s worth it when done correctly! The end results can be unique. Managing a home renovation can be distressing and tedious. In case you’re uncertain about whether or not you should remain at home during the renovation, here are a few…

The Art Of Creating The “Wow Factor” For Maximum Street Appeal

December 28 2020 By crftwrgt

Driving by your street is pleasant when you see all those beautiful houses with an appealing exterior. What all wow factors can we include for your next build? We walk you through high street impact components that can take the appearance of your building or home from drab to fab. Colour Selection One of the……

Renovate or Demolish and Build? Your Options & What You Need to Consider

December 28 2020 By crftwrgt

Are you planning on buying an old house that has to be renovated or rebuilt? Are you someone who is thinking of changing your old house? It is okay if you are confused between the choice of renovating, demolishing and building. Let’s make the thinking process a bit easier. Duration of stay at home How……