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10 Ways Crafwright will make a Small Bathroom feel larger & more spacious!

10 Ways Crafwright will make a Small Bathroom feel larger & more spacious!

04 May 2021

Do you know that you can recreate your small bathroom to appear larger and spacious? Yes, you can. Without shifting a single wall, you can generate the illusion of a bigger washroom with some changes or revamps. And for this, Crafwright is right here to help you. Let’s check out the ten ways Crafwright will make your small bathroom feel larger & more spacious:

1. Fitting larger mirrors:

Mirrors in the washroom give the impression of more area and splashbacks more light into the room. For tiny bathrooms, large mirrors are often ideal. Craftwright experts attach oversized mirrors with some natural light to give an attractive and spacious look.

2. Considering the soft colour theme:

Small bathrooms often tend to get less natural light than the bigger ones. Soft and natural colours are beneficial to give your artificial bathroom a good lighting source. As a result, it aids in making your space as lively as possible!

3. Selecting a small vanity cabinet:

Placing your items above the sink or elsewhere, look very awkward and cramped. If you got bored of your traditional under-the-sink options, we would install a small storage vanity cabinet. A floating vanity cabinet will also help to get more space. Keeping your items hidden will help to tidy up the room.

4. Fixing similar tiles everywhere:

Using similar tiles all over will eliminate the differences. It can create a more cohesive appearance.

5. Making your floors clean:

A clutter-free bathroom always tends to give a spacious feel than the overpacked ones. For this, close storage options are best for your products. You can build a towel ladder too.

6. Gifting natural lights:

Natural lights create a feeling of openness in a small space. Installing more giant windows or rooftop skylights can fulfil your needs.

7. Creating a clear-glass shower screen:

A major benefit of glass shower screens is that they allow illumination into your shower area.

8. Adding a large and depth wall covering:

This is an easy but successful decorating technique. Large and patterned wallpapering will take the attention away from the room’s real size.

9. Affixing bigger tiles:

Broad tiles, particularly in light colours, can make a bathroom appear larger.

10. Using simple decorative accessories:

Adding decorative items to a small bathroom will make it feel pleasant and welcoming. However, it takes a lot of area. Craftwright will replace unnecessary items with the effective ones.


Now you can have a pleasant feeling of a sizable yet commodious irrespective of its area, right. Craftwright services will never upset you as they plan out the best constructive ideas for every sized bathroom[/column]