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The Art Of Creating The “Wow Factor” For Maximum Street Appeal

The Art Of Creating The “Wow Factor” For Maximum Street Appeal

28 December 2020

Driving by your street is pleasant when you see all those beautiful houses with an appealing exterior. What all wow factors can we include for your next build? We walk you through high street impact components that can take the appearance of your building or home from drab to fab. Colour Selection One of the…

Colour Selection

One of the most challenging parts of any build is selecting that perfect colour for the exterior component. With that said, it is important to select a colour which is in line with surrounding buildings whilst also upholding your personal preferences. Depending on your home model, it is important to decide whether to paint the whole exterior or just the walls and other specified areas.


Materials opted for at the time of construction is like determining the personality of your house. Whether it may be brick, weatherboard, render or stone finish, the combinations are endless and can make a significant difference in the end result.

What matters is how you want it to look and give the personality your build much requires. Moreover, the doors and windows need to blend well with your design. Electing door handles, doorbells, lighting fixtures, mailboxes and other elements that are complimentary to the design is highly favourable.


Never limit your choice of landscaping. What makes it special are the intricate details.

Green grasses, classic beds with succulents and blooming flowers work amazingly to restructure the yard. Moreover, you can look for plants that do not need to be replanted frequently, and that grows well in your area. Pops of colour and contrasting shades are a popular choice, with statement trees or garden pieces that can take your landscape to the next level of appeal. The structure of your landscaping will also be dependent on the size you have to work with. A smart layout and configuration can help maximise your space.


This is one of the most essential “wow factors” that often gets overlooked. Creating light and shade to enhance certain parts of your build can emphasise the space and ensure details are highlighted.

Here at Craftwright Carpentry & Construction, we understand the importance of combining structural building, construction and carpentry with aesthetic appeal for a well-rounded finish. We are flexible in our build and carpentry approach to factor in other elements of your home that increase your street appeal. Achieve your dream build when you speak with us today to get started.