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Renovate or Demolish and Build? Your Options & What You Need to Consider

Renovate or Demolish and Build? Your Options & What You Need to Consider

28 December 2020

Are you planning on buying an old house that has to be renovated or rebuilt? Are you someone who is thinking of changing your old house? It is okay if you are confused between the choice of renovating, demolishing and building. Let’s make the thinking process a bit easier. Duration of stay at home How…

Duration of stay at home

How long do you wish to stay at the house? If you decide to stay for a longer time, you may consider to demolish and rebuild the house. If you think of renovating in the case, you should know that the process is timed. You will need to do everything on time. You need to work on all the interiors before the team starts the exterior work. And, all other essential hard work should be finished before they begin painting. Since the house is old, you will need to replace all the faulty appliances and other items as necessary.

But when you demolish and rebuild the house, you set the timing for the process. Your house may be 40 years old, but once you demolish it and begin the building process, you are building a new house. If you wish to sell this newly built house after, say, ten years, you get the satisfaction that you are selling a 10-year-old house rather than a 40+10-year-old house. Time is of the essence!

Cheap or expensive

If your budget is limited, then the best option is to renovate. But you need to consider some options to include that are smart to save avoidable costs. You should know where to start according to your budget. If you feel that your old house needs a touch-up, of course, go for a renovation.

On the other hand, if your old house is in a terrible shape, you must consider rebuilding it after demolition. This is cheaper than renovating in this case. There will be chances that your expense may push your budget depending on your requirements, however these can be scaled back in order to cater to a spend you are comfortable with.

Check for new regulations

Sometimes, new regulations get introduced. A few of them are boundary restrictions, area restrictions or any other new construction introduction. Sometimes there will be rules stating a change in building close to the boundary, and initially, your house would have been closer.

It will be useful to work with the original blueprint and renovate the space to ensure all planning is clear to make an informed decision that will not be against any guidelines.

Structural Integrity

There are certain times where a knock down is not required, such as when the building is structurally sound. Based on preference, the budget friendly option would be to opt for a renovation. However, if the structural integrity of the building has been compromised, then it is always a better option to rebuild to ensure safety and avoid any hazards.

Speak to our consultancy team here at Craftwright Carpentry & Construction today for assistance and more information about an option that is right for you.