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New Year Resolution: Start your renovation plans now!

New Year Resolution: Start your renovation plans now!

03 September 2021

It is a fact that every year people make resolutions to change their lives or aim to better themselves. You usually aim to make your habits better; but, how regularly do you sit down and make home renovation goals? Perhaps you have a fantasy to redesign the entire home. However, you either never had the time or the interest to look back at your home to make it an ideal place for spending eternity. So, what’s stopping you? This year, make a strong resolution to improve or completely renovate your home for giving it a dream look! Let’s start with some of the most important things you need to divert your attention to:

Storage and Organisation

Start the new year by starting to get organised! A common objective for every individual is to clear the clutter and get their homes organised. Organising the internal spaces of your home can be a great place to start this project. On the contrary, closets can regularly be a troublesome area to group and categorise. If you don’t yet have a closet storage system, this is the perfect time to start preparing. Colour coding is also a fun way to go about organising!

Kitchen Remodel

In case you’re hoping to add value to your home, a kitchen renovation is a great spot to begin. The ideal kitchen renovation offers the most powerful functionality, making it simpler for you to start. Planning the design, structure, layout and features of your kitchen can be an exciting time when done right with the right team. Sizing and layout play a pivotal role in maximising the functionality of your kitchen space and is arguably even more important than the visual appeal of any kitchen!

Grow Your Storage Potential

Smart planning and placement of storage units within your living space can maximise your storage potential significantly. In-built cupboards and shelving are an efficient and cost-effective option that allow you to avoid additional use being taken up thanks to clever build techniques. If not a cupboard, you can have a space dedicated to the accessories of the room or the entire house. That way, you can boost to keep your core rooms clean, without any hassle.

Design a Living Room that suits your living

What is it with dull, awkward living rooms? Don’t you think it needs some renovation? It’s now the right time to add life to your living room and spice up your creative flare! Add layers and dimension with beautiful carpentry. Moreover, ensure there’s a lot of space that will let the fresh air in. Additionally, add some space-saving furniture that will enhance the look and give the illusion of a larger setting.


There may be a long list of spaces in your home that may require your attention to renovate. Contact Craftwright Carpentry & Construction now and renovate your living space to explore the world of opportunities that can be captured to transform your home.