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Renovation Staycation? Staying At Home or Move Out During Renovation: The 5 Pros and Cons

Renovation Staycation? Staying At Home or Move Out During Renovation: The 5 Pros and Cons

09 March 2021

It can be a daunting task to renovate a home but in the end, it’s worth it when done correctly! The end results can be unique. Managing a home renovation can be distressing and tedious. In case you’re uncertain about whether or not you should remain at home during the renovation, here are a few things for consideration. Regardless of whether it’s a straightforward kitchen or bathroom upgrade, or you’re redoing your entire house, there are a lot of significant components to look at.

Pros of Staying at Home During Renovation

Let’s have a look at the advantages of staying at home during a renovation phase:

  • You will save a lot on accommodation expenses (unless you have generous friends or family who are happy to let you stay with them!)
  • It’s simpler to keep an eye on the progress of renovation when you’re at home. Without much of a stretch, take a look at each day’s progress
  • If you have children, remaining at home may be the best since you don’t have to rethink making them adjust to a new environment. This can also be the case if you have pets
  • You can guide your contractors well and keenly observe how they are working. Moreover, that will give you a significant opportunity to shape your dream home!
  • Peace of mind knowing you can cater to any immediate needs or contribute to any changes in a much quicker manner.

Cons of Staying at Home During Renovation

Now, we will look at some disadvantages of staying at home while reinventing it:

  • You’ll need to face many factors. A few include a lot of noise, dust, and debris inside your own home during the renovation.
  • You may be susceptible to medical problems when exposed to dirt and dust, paint smells, or different aggravations. This may cause you to suffer from asthma and hypersensitivities.
  • If you’re reworking the kitchen or restrooms, you won’t be able to use these must-frequently-visited areas at all.
  • There will be no privacy if you recruit a contractual worker as they may be working day and night to make your house look better and completely refurbished. So, you get neither privacy nor a peaceful time in most cases.
  • Hazards may be imminent, including tools and materials required. This can be a safety issue for small children or pets. You will have to take special care for the entire period.
  • These are just some of the pros and cons. Yet, the decision of moving out or staying in depends on factors like the length of the project, your family, consideration of health issues and your budget Get in touch with the team here at Craftwright Carpentry & Construction today for assistance and more information about an option that is right for you.