Timber decking

Timber Decking

At Craftwright, we supply and install locally sourced, premium timber of superior quality, making sure durability and functionality in the product received is up to the expectations of each one of our clients. We offer a custom design catered to your needs and the images you have of what your finished project will look like. We understand the importance of finding premium quality timber decking and how much of an impact it can have in renovation or construction work, it can completely change the way a house or building looks.

Whether it is for a multilevel design or for a more challenging design such as timber screens in a backyard or anything similar, the timber provided by Craftwright brings a natural finish and a fresher look to any work you complete with this material. We are proud of being an exceptional timber supplier and installer in our area, always working according to our customers’ needs and keeping our reputation as one of the leading providers of timber decking in the area untouched. We are constantly updating our practices in order to offer modern timber decking that is relevant to the latest design trends and making a strong statement in terms of visual appeal and functionality with our works once they are completed.

Making sure all areas in a house or building are aesthetically pleasing is mandatory in order to increase the property’s value. With a lot of attention to detail and a passion for delivering the best work possible, our experts at Craftwright are very committed to understanding the design you want and the most effective way to achieve it. With our superior timber decking you can have peace of mind knowing that special area in your building is in the hands of truly skilled and experienced professionals.

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We are still loving our gorgeous alfresco Jim built for us in 2015. My husband and I would recommend him 100%> At the time Jim was our saviour, as we had a bad experience from a previous builder and we were in no mood for poor performance. Jim fulfilled our expectations and more.

Jim put us at ease straight away, he organised everything and built our alfresco to perfection. The thing we loved about Jim was he consulted us every step of the way. No hidden costs, what was planned was what we got. Jim ensured the timeline of the build was kept and we had the added bonus of him and his team being tidy and clean. It was an enjoyable experience with a fabulous end result. We still have friends and family say they love our alfresco when they come and visit.

No job is too small as since then Jim has come and built a loft door for us. Once again he worked professional and provided us exactly what we asked for. So yes, I would highly recommend Jim.

Marie & Jon Hobson