Mezzanine floors

Mezzanine floors

Craftwright completes excellent Mezzanine floors that are completely stable and is seen as a natural addition to any type of building, no matter how old it is and if it is a late time addition or if it was built with the rest of the building. We provide specialised balconies building from start to finish with metal or timber structures, making sure it is safe for anyone who is standing or walking on it and that it is a visually appealing area that adds value to the original structure.

Craftwright is a business that works hard to provide a complete service and achieve final mezzanine floors with soft edges, seamless surfaces and a superior design, and in order to work out a finish that is up to our customers’ expectations and our own high quality standards we put an end to the process with  the addition of deluxe quality tongue and groove flooring sheets such as Structaflor, which is the best option in the current market, and other materials of the same level. A Mezzanine floor built by Craftwright will surely exceed your expectations.

Some of the most important images seen in history, whether in movies, pictures or in real life, have taken place in beautiful mezzanine floors so don’t miss the chance to add a valuable piece of art to the rest of your building. With Craftwright services all your expectations will be exceeded, we are a well-established business with many years of experience in this field and all the expertise required to provide superior balcony construction in the area. Contact us today for more information about our professional balcony construction services so you can share your design ideas with us and start to materialise it as soon as possible.

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We are still loving our gorgeous alfresco Jim built for us in 2015. My husband and I would recommend him 100%> At the time Jim was our saviour, as we had a bad experience from a previous builder and we were in no mood for poor performance. Jim fulfilled our expectations and more.

Jim put us at ease straight away, he organised everything and built our alfresco to perfection. The thing we loved about Jim was he consulted us every step of the way. No hidden costs, what was planned was what we got. Jim ensured the timeline of the build was kept and we had the added bonus of him and his team being tidy and clean. It was an enjoyable experience with a fabulous end result. We still have friends and family say they love our alfresco when they come and visit.

No job is too small as since then Jim has come and built a loft door for us. Once again he worked professional and provided us exactly what we asked for. So yes, I would highly recommend Jim.

Marie & Jon Hobson