Craftwright has the expertise required for completing a long list of services related to framing at the highest standards managed nowadays. We specialise in all aspects of roof carpentry such as: cutting roofs, truss fuss, tying new structures into existing buildings, producing ceiling frames or completing any second story addition. We do not limit ourselves to supplying the top quality materials we use but also provide their proper installation and make sure the final structure covers the main requirements and adds important aesthetic value as well.

Not limiting our framing services to only working with timber, we also offer steel framing and welding for all types of purposes such as structural work design, second story additions, re-stumping of houses. Lastly, we also provide professional and quick wall removals and renovations in the building’s area you need it.  Framing is the first step to create a whole new space or re-design an existing one and should be done by talented experts from Craftwright who have the expertise required for completing the job properly.

Tidiness and neatness are two concepts our experts keep in high regard here at Craftwright, and our framing services are an exceptional example of the quality work we can offer. We are committed to the task of helping Australian constructors and designers achieve the most demanding standards in terms of design and functionality, add value to any type of structure or ensure the project will be success since day 1. Our team is prepared to offer you the type of service you can expect from an experienced company that is constantly kept updated with the latest practices in modern framing from start to finish. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more detailed information about our superior framing service with excellent joists that support an entire construction.

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We are still loving our gorgeous alfresco Jim built for us in 2015. My husband and I would recommend him 100%> At the time Jim was our saviour, as we had a bad experience from a previous builder and we were in no mood for poor performance. Jim fulfilled our expectations and more.

Jim put us at ease straight away, he organised everything and built our alfresco to perfection. The thing we loved about Jim was he consulted us every step of the way. No hidden costs, what was planned was what we got. Jim ensured the timeline of the build was kept and we had the added bonus of him and his team being tidy and clean. It was an enjoyable experience with a fabulous end result. We still have friends and family say they love our alfresco when they come and visit.

No job is too small as since then Jim has come and built a loft door for us. Once again he worked professional and provided us exactly what we asked for. So yes, I would highly recommend Jim.

Marie & Jon Hobson