Alfresco / Pergola

Alfresco / Pergola

The last details added to a building can consistently change the entire look and aura it offers to the visitor or the person watching it. Adding an alfresco or pergola to your building is an excellent choice to add value to the design and try something that is visually appealing and attractive. Here at Craftwright we have a lot of experience offering the full alfresco option from start to finish which includes designing and building the pergola you have always visualised in your mind. It does not matter if you are finishing your brand new building adding a pergolas for a more stylish look, or if it is a later addition to the original building, it will surely end up as a visually appealing statement option to complete your building if it is designed and built by Craftwright’s professionals.

Alfrescos or pergolas are a great choice for patios and backyards, making them look completely different from a standard patio or backyard missing an eye-catching pergola to grow vines over or adding other decorative elements. Many designers and builders agree on pergolas being an excellent addition and offering extra value to the original building’s design, increasing its resale value and also making it have a more elegant finish that is up to the expectations of our clients.

At Craftwright we use the best products available in the market so the pergolas added to your building look the way you expect and last longer the standard pergolas, making sure the design you have chosen for your building’s finishes looks great for a very long time. For more detailed information about our pergola building service and how it can help you improve any building’s design you can contact us today, our friendly experts will offer you all the information you need.

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We are still loving our gorgeous alfresco Jim built for us in 2015. My husband and I would recommend him 100%> At the time Jim was our saviour, as we had a bad experience from a previous builder and we were in no mood for poor performance. Jim fulfilled our expectations and more.

Jim put us at ease straight away, he organised everything and built our alfresco to perfection. The thing we loved about Jim was he consulted us every step of the way. No hidden costs, what was planned was what we got. Jim ensured the timeline of the build was kept and we had the added bonus of him and his team being tidy and clean. It was an enjoyable experience with a fabulous end result. We still have friends and family say they love our alfresco when they come and visit.

No job is too small as since then Jim has come and built a loft door for us. Once again he worked professional and provided us exactly what we asked for. So yes, I would highly recommend Jim.

Marie & Jon Hobson