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Common Myths about House Remodelling

A home makeover does not involve only the process where one deals with every day. Also, they shouldn’t be as they are to be redone once and enjoyed forever. House remodelling implies a big decision. It shouldn’t be influenced by some recent trends, myths, or marketing companies that exaggerate information. Therefore, to bust any unnecessary myths, tag along till the end of this blog.

Six Common Myths of Remodelling

Myth 1: Wall Cracks can lose you thousands of dollars

Cracks in walls or even flooring, for that matter, aren’t such a big deal. Sometimes, they’re simply due to cement expansions and contractions due to climate change, which is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. Contact a skilled builder to repair the damages in no time.

Myth 2: Hiring a professional builder is costly – DIYing might help save

Fixing a tap or a pipe leak are definitely some situations where you can save up. But, remodelling a house isn’t an easy task and, if done wrongly, will only inflate your bills. Plus, experienced builders can do it quickly and with improvisation.

Myth 3: When your home is being remodelling, you’ll have to move-out

This case seems not fully true that an expert contractor needs to work in a smaller space without causing intrusion in the owners’ daily life. Builders also understand that asking to move out would be unreasonable and chaotic to the family residing.

Myth 4: Go with the celebrity trends

This myth is absurd. Never decide your interiors based on others. Don’t go ahead and paint your house dark red because some renowned celeb on Instagram loves that colour. If you want to go with trends, add a bit of personalisation to it that makes you not regret it later.

Myth 5:  Home remodelling adds value at the time of sale

Renovating your home might raise its sale price, but that isn’t always likely. Sometimes you might add a pool to your home, but buyers might not find it attractive. And, of course, you can remodel only for the sake of your comfort and aesthetic, without further expectations.

Myth 6:  Go for the lowest price

The strategy isn’t to go for the lowest price but to find a reasonable contractor that offers up to the mark services and charges accordingly. Going for cheap and unskilled services will only land you in losses in long term scenarios.


Myths and misinformation are common and cause people financial and sometimes sentimental losses because homes are a part of one’s memories. Thus, researching and avoiding needless stories are important. But, with CraftWright, you can wave goodbye to compromising your budget and getting sub-par outcomes. Remodel your home into a comfortable and artistic haven with us now!

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