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5 Common Mistakes in Kitchen Remodels

Everyone, including neighbours, friends and even perfect strangers love narrating stories about their kitchen remodelling experiences. Remodelling a kitchen isn’t only about fancy countertops and beautiful lights. It’s a lot more than that. If you aren’t satisfied with what you have got after remodelling, then it doesn’t serve its most important purpose – functionality. People wear their remodel experience as a badge of honour due to overcoming obstacles and hardships along the way. Here are 5 mistakes in kitchen remodels to easily avoid to save stress, heartache and budget blowouts:

Skipping the Research

Research is your time when you think about why you want to remodel your kitchen and what you expect from it. There are so many magazines and websites that provide ample information about the latest features and designs. Check out your friends and neighbours’ kitchens. That is because, right from changing the faucet to the counter, or the colour, you need to take care of everything.

Not Setting a Proper Budget

The research lets you get an estimate of how big or small your project is. Overall conception is a deception. For a project of any size, you must keep a contingency fund of 10% to 20% of the overall cost of the project for unexpected expenses.

Not Asking for Quotes from Several Contractors

Yes! You read it right. You should get quotes from multiple contractors. Various contractors will give you different viewpoints about the challenges you face in your kitchen remodelling projects and offer you different solutions. Always ask for qualifications, certifications and proof of successfully completed past projects to make your final decision an informed one.

Not Following the Plan

After choosing your contractor, work with them about the details of your plan. Stick to this plan as much as you can. Your contractor follows a specific plan of action from demolishing to the final product according to your given time and budget. However, if you make changes in any aspect of your plan, your budget and time will stretch.

Not Asking Smart Questions

Your contractor isn’t a mind reader who’ll read your mind and answer all your questions. Despite being an expert, it is still your project and a collaborative and transparent approach is always best and will provide a better project outcome. Clarity is key!

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