4 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Larger & More Spacious!

Do you know that you can recreate your small bathroom to appear larger and spacious? Yes, you can. Without shifting a single wall, you can generate the illusion of a bigger bathroom with some changes or revamps. And for this, Crafwright is right here to help you.
Let’s check out the ten ways Crafwright will make your small bathroom feel larger & more spacious:

1. Fitting larger mirrors:

Mirrors in the bathroom give the impression of more area and splashbacks more light into the room. For bathrooms with less room to work with, large mirrors are often an ideal and cost-effective solution. Experimenting with varying sizes of mirrors with some natural light to give an attractive and spacious look is a great place start.

2. Considering a neutral colour theme:

Small bathrooms often tend to get less natural light than the bigger ones. Soft and natural colours are beneficial to give your artificial bathroom a good lighting source. When smaller spaces have harsh or strong colours, it can close up the room and even make it seem smaller than what it actually is.

3. Selecting a smart vanity cabinet:

Placing your items above the sink or elsewhere can look very awkward and cramped. If you get bored of your traditional under-the-sink options, you may want to consider having a small storage vanity cabinet installed. A floating vanity cabinet will also help when it comes to creating space and will add a minimalistic and modern touch that will enhance the look and feel of your bathroom effortlessly.

4. Fixing similar tiles everywhere:

Using similar tiles all over will eliminate the “busy” look that can give the illusion of a smaller space. In addition, it can also create a more cohesive appearance. Broad tiles, particularly in light colours, can make a bathroom appear larger.


Maximising your space in any given space in the home can be a challenging task to say the least. Common areas including kitchen and bathroom spaces can be transformed with a few smart adjustments and changes in both a decorative and functional perspective. A few simple changes to layout of your bathroom space can free up much needed space without compromising your budget. As leaders in the carpentry and construction field, here at Craftwright we are dedicated to working with you on your renovation and build projects to ensure your vision comes to life. Cost-effective and time-smart, our solutions are the trusted method by families and businesses. Speak to our experts today to get started![/column]

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